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Senior Quant Developer Position – NY/CT

New York, NY, USA

Job Type


About The Role

One of the top FinTechs in the world is looking to hire senior Front Office C# Quant Devs to join a new Front Office Pricing team. You will be working directly with the business, developing the core X-Asset portfolio management system that underpins the entire firm, providing live risk and P&L, pre-trade pricing and scenario analysis.

This is an opportunity to join one of the most successful tech-driven trading firms in the world and work in a new quant development group that merges market-leading finance knowledge with software development using the latest in cloud and opensource technology. The ideal candidate will not only be a competent C# engineer but also has good knowledge of standard pricing models, an excellent understanding of derivatives.   They are in the market to find the top Quant Developers out there and are prepared to be the best payers in terms of comp (including stock buyout if needed).


  • Excellent C# programming skills with good knowledge of coding fundamentals

  • Knowledge of the standard pricing models e.g.Black Scholes, sensitivities, with a strong understanding of derivatives of at least one asset class

  • Experience working with interest rate curves, vol surfaces and other market data

  • Great communication skills and the ability to talk comfortably to Front Office Business stakeholders


  • Market-leading  salaries

  • Excellent Front Office bonus structure

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