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Software Engineer – Polyglot / Any Tech

London, UK

Job Type


About The Role

Europe’s top Algo Trading firm is building a truly Polyglot Engineering team to build out a brand new Quantitative Research and Analytics Desk - they’ve outperformed all of the top hedge funds and systematic trading firms for Q1 this year and are paying their engineers' serious compensation (competing with the top Technology houses and fastest IPOing start-ups).

In terms of engineering culture, they have the mentality of the right tool for the right job, across a stack of .Net Core, Python, C++ (low latency), F#, Java, Kotlin, Rust, Clojure, cloud, and they are heavily involved in the Open Source community. They have 10% Fridays as well where all engineers are able to work on personal projects/play around with technology in general in their Technology Innovations Hub and regularly take part in Town Hall meetings and tech meetups.

They’re looking for strong Software Engineers with a keen interest in Computer Science fundamentals to come and work on some of their most strategic and innovative Algo Trading desks/engines, having a hand in not only the strategy but implementation as well.

Required Skills:

  • Strong programming skills in any technology – true polyglot engineering mindset

  • Strong educational  background in Computer Science, Maths or any STEM-related degree

  • Interest in Computer Science fundamentals and build out highly distributed scalable and rbust systems.


  • Top compensation structure in the city

  • Technology first outfit – working with the highest calibre of engineers

  • Flexible working

For more information, please email


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