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.Net Core Engineers

London, UK

Job Type


About The Role


We have a very important mandate for an innovative trading firm that provides investment solutions to the global market, which is looking for a top .Net engineer to join its core engineering team. This organization specifically promotes a flat hierarchy, with collaboration at the heart of every decision made. Additionally, they continuously strive to produce only the cleanest, high-quality code, viewing technology as their greatest asset.


You would be working in a very small, specialized team on the most highly funded work within the firm. This particular team is responsible for innovating and building the core bespoke technology that is used company-wide.

From a technical standpoint, you will be focusing on building scalable, highly distributed systems using the latest frameworks including .Net core. The firm has a real focus on introducing new technology if it can make an impact, currently building everything out with cloud in mind.


  • 4+ years’ experience with the Microsoft framework including .Net & some experience using .Net Core

  • Strong experience building out scalable distributed systems, handling large volumes of data

  • Proficiency and passion for using collaborative software engineering techniques (agile, TDD, BDD, continuous integration)

  • Excellent communication skills

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