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Core Python Engineer

London, UK

Job Type


About The Role

A Trillion Dollar, cutting-edge Hedge fund with an exceptional tech-first mindset, operating on the highest calibre of engineering.

This company is currently looking to build out a new London team for a variety of new greenfield projects expected to span over the next few years. The firm prides itself on progressive engineering, and the projects you’ll be working on will directly impact the business line.


This is a rare opportunity to join one of the top-performing firms in finance and work with some of the greatest minds in tech that have an impact on changing the future of the technological world as we know it. You’ll work on a greenfield project with a new team that takes full use of Opensource Technology, allowing you to experiment with the latest tools and be given endless opportunities to expand your skill set.

You’ll be building out exceptional, high-performant distributed systems with a low latency engineering mindset, using the latest Python technologies and operating on a fully cloud-native platform. The firm takes a genuine tech-agnostic approach and they’re open to using the best tools for the job.

With an enormous amount of funding behind this project, you can expect a considerable uptake in your current package, access to state-of-the-art tools and tech and opportunities to move abroad.


  • 5 + years of commercial experience using core Python or Python frameworks

  • Strong Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering (or a related subject) background

  • Avid usage building high-performant, high-complexity microservices and APIs

  • Experience building in-house tooling systems or ‘tech for tech’


  • Unrivaled compensation

  • Working with some of the top technologists in the world – many of whom define the standards of various programming languages

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