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Data Engineer/Scientist

London, UK

Job Type


About The Role

I’m working with a boutique London hedge fund that is hiring for a hybrid data engineering/science position to work in their systematic equities division alongside a front office quant team.


This company is one of London’s most profitable hedge funds per capita and is constantly growing and building on its successes.

Due to their smaller size, you will gain extensive exposure to all different parts of the trade lifecycle and will even be given the opportunity to earn CFA qualifications and migrate into a quantitative position if desired. This is an awesome opportunity to work in a modern fund where the tech and business work off the same codebases and function in a symbiotic fashion.

They are based in London City.


There is several headcounts for this team, as they’re looking for both a junior and a more senior hire to join the systematic equities team. There are currently 3 other data engineers/scientists working in this space, including the hiring manager. This is a great opportunity for a junior engineer to soak up the invaluable experience of impressive industry professionals, or for a senior engineer to take significant autonomy in one of the fund’s revenue-defining areas.

They are looking for a data engineer/scientist to work with huge volumes of data and build datasets for quant researchers; enabling them to make better trading decisions. This role is effectively looking for engineers to build pipelines and imbue their work with the intellectual curiosity to bridge the gap between the quant researchers. They are looking for engineers to take a scientific approach to the role.

This is a NumPy and SQL-heavy Python role where you’ll be working in a cloud-native AWS environment.


  • 2 years of commercial experience writing object-oriented Python code.

  • Experience in equities or with financial data in a trading strategy/alpha application.

  • Strong STEM background.


  • Up to £150,000 base salaries, with front office bonuses.

  • Clearly communicated bonus scheme with the opportunity to double bonuses dependent on performance.

  • Opportunity to receive CFA qualifications.

For more information, please email


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