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Java Heavyweights Needed - Greenfield Opensource Buildout - Groundbreaking FinTech

London, UK

Job Type


About The Role

y client has just unveiled plans to build out a completely greenfield, genuinely revolutionary new platform, the likes of which are unseen before in this space. They have monumental financial backing for this project giving them access to bleeding edge technologies across the board.

They’re looking for the heaviest hitting Java engineers in the city to build it out from the ground up with full autonomy over unlimited Opensource tech, provided they’ve got a fundamental cloud first mentality.


  • 5+ years Java development experience in an enterprise environment.

  • Strong Computer Science, Engineering (or a related subject) background.

  • Able to work in a modern software engineering environment, using Agile and      DevOps methodologies and tools including Scrum, git and CI/CD.


  • Market-leading compensation for permanent positions + competitive bonuses.

  • Strong appreciation for work-life balance with a massive emphasis on culture-driven values.

  • Ability to work from home some of the time when required.

  • The opportunity to work for a global market leading Proprietary Trading firm with an incredible passionate pool of developers.

Please email for more information.


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