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Stanford Black connects leading hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, investment banks, scientific research houses, big data analytics firms and ambitious tech start-ups with the highest calibre professionals at every level. 

We are a global leader in technology and trading recruitment firms; with all of the experience, resources and contacts you need to take full advantage of today’s fast moving business environments.

We founded Stanford Black when we saw that traditional recruitment methods were dead. Companies are adopting the same tactics and styles used over 20 years ago. We pride ourselves on being different and changing the face of recruitment at all touch points in the process.

After many years of working for large recruitment firms in the City, we became disillusioned with the industry and knew it was time to make a change. We were disheartened by the all-too-common attitudes of making quick-wins at any cost and the old-school mentality of the hard-core sell, when it simply isn’t right for the candidate or client.

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People are the glue to our business, we put people at the forefront of all the work we do. We genuinely care about the people we work with and our business is built upon trust and long-term relationships. This includes Clients, Candidates, Employees and anyone that interacts with our business.

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We created Stanford Black to be the best and therefore we only work with the best.  The best candidates, the best opportunities, the best technology teams and the best recruiters; this drives our industry-leading conversion rate and consistently wins us top-performer status amongst our valued clients.

We connect leading hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, investment banks, scientific research houses, big data analytics firms and ambitious tech start-ups with the highest calibre professionals at every level.  We source only the best candidates from an array of backgrounds and institutions and as a result, we boast a hugely diverse and unique candidate pool which harbours the most sought after and niche skill sets. This enables us to offer our clients a true competitive advantage and is Stanford Black’s real point of difference.

At Stanford Black we don't just pride ourselves as Head-hunters, we hire and train the best businesspeople who have the determination to make their dreams a reality. We are a visionary firm with the drive, ambition and mentality to win individually, together and for each other. Recruitment is typically an individual profession with old school techniques; what sets us apart is our unique and open environment which allows our diverse backgrounds and natural strengths to flourish as a team. At our core we share the same moral compass; we remain humble, resilient, and ambitious with our focus on being one of the best Technology Headhunting firms in the world.

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We believe in absolute inclusivity and are excited to see that our clients feel the same.  We see that variety is at the core of a high performing team and we are proud to be the top Equality, Diversity and Inclusion supplier for many of our clients.

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We strive to exceed expectation and our aim is always to be the number one choice for all our clients. We are passionate about technology and understanding technology is key to our success.

Despite all our success, top supplier awards to global organisations and record-breaking billing quarters, it’s the culture of our business that we are most proud of. Our values are at the heart of every decision and every hire we make. As a team we support, inspire, elevate, and trust each other through the good and bad times and we all understand that winning is great, but winning as a team is even better. Put simply, if you really harbour our values and want to work with like minded people, we think we’re the best firm in London for you!


Quality is in our DNA. It means upholding unwavering standards for all our projects, no matter the size or complexity.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, and we take great pride in achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Our passion for our work is reflected in every aspect of our operations, and our commitment to excellence is non-negotiable.

With us, you can trust that every project is handled with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcome.



We have a "never say die" attitude; a constant drive to make it happen.

Knowing that every challenge is just part of the learning process and not letting the setbacks define you.

We win in the right way, together.



Actions of inspiration are drawn from the small day to day wins just as they are from one great act.

It doesn't matter what level you are in the company; from someone on their first day to the most senior person in the room.

Leading by example and emitting an energy that people feed off and look to replicate.



Elevation unifies individuals to achieve the vision and goals that we share, but never at the detriment of others.

We celebrate successes but also notice when others need a kind word, a friend, or advice.

At Stanford Black, we rise by lifting those around us.



Trust transcends everything we do.


We have created an environment of openness and honesty.

This allows us to put faith in each other as we all work towards shared goals, both professionally and personally. 




An analytical, ambitious consultant who takes great pride in his role as both a recruiter and a mentor.

Lewis wasn't initially interested in recruitment. He was interviewing around for roles in the city when Pete & Mario's vision captivated him entirely. He was hooked on the company, not just the industry.

Originally a hard worker, the concept of "driven" took on a whole new meaning as his career in recruitment began. Now, at 24, Lewis is a full consultant & mentor for Stanford Black. He takes great pride in his role as a mentor, helping to train up the next generation of world-class graduate consultants.

He describes life at Stanford Black as,

"Working really, really hard, with like-minded, good people. That's who we are. We'll work harder than everyone else, but we'll make more money."


We founded Stanford Black to create a Headhunting firm that really goes beyond the ordinary; to evolve the game. We had spent years working for large recruitment firms in the City, achieving great success but at the same time, becoming disillusioned with the industry's stereotype and outdated methods. The all-too-common attitudes of making quick-wins at any cost and the old-school mentality of the hard-core sell.


Our mission was to build a business designed to win, but to win in the right way.  Stanford Black was created as a vehicle to generate wealth and opportunity for all of our employees, candidates, clients and partners.  A place where people are excited to come into work, are truly valued and where all employees really care about their own careers and the impact they have on people's lives - whether that be finding candidates' the best possible position, given their goals and ambitions, or in demonstrating care and consideration for their colleagues and team-mates around them.  We are proud to have built a company that is genuinely supportive, driven by individuals who value winning together as a team above all else. It has taken over six years to get to this point, but we really believe we have this culture; it's incredibly strong, the thing we’re most proud of and it is proving to be a huge part of our on-going success.  

We are both committed to creating the next generation of business leaders and world class hybrid technology and finance recruiters. We invest a lot of time, money and energy in building training programs which focus on personal development, business acumen and fine-tuning the skills needed to win in today's face paced tech and finance recruitment industries. We sit on the sales floor (not in an ivory tower or large corner office), accessible to everyone and are heavily involved with training and development.

We have and are continuing to create real long-term career opportunities, with world class mentoring and coaching, having an open forum for innovation and creative thinking from the ground up and are operating industry-leading commission structures, bonuses and benefits.

We take immense pride in our internal hiring process, ensuring that we only bring on those who fit in with our core values -we believe it's better to have 50 industry-defining recruiters than 500 average ones.

With targets smashed at every quarter (even throughout Covid times) and the move to larger and larger offices at every turn, we are excited to see where the company climbs to in the next few years. We already have clients in London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore, Texas, Singapore, Tokyo, Australia and all over Europe. We’ve got our sights set on offices in New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore and Barcelona in the very near future.

Our dream of an industry-defining recruitment firm is fast becoming a reality and we are looking for people to come on the journey with us.

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