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Principal Java Engineer

New York, NY, USA

Job Type


About The Role

Principal Java Engineer - Up to $450,000 comp

The Client

A world-leading, brand-new leading fintech start-up is looking for a strong Senior Java Engineer to join their brand-new core team in the digital consumer products division. The division operates as a fintech start-up but has the financial backing of its Hedge Fund counterpart. This group is avid believers in lean principles, who are truly passionate about writing clean, robust, and well-tested code.

The Role

You will be leading a highly agile team, including people who have been on the Agile and XP circuit for 20+ years, using the latest bleeding-edge technology. On a technical level, you will drive the build-out of their brand new highly distributed core payments platform with complete autonomy over the entire codebase. This is a fully Cloud Native platform underpinning the entire firm's operations, reaching over 20 countries worldwide.


  • 5+ years of expert Java experience

  • A proponent of agile methods: continuous integration, code review, unit testing, refactoring, and related approaches.

  • Experience working on distributed systems

  • Solid SQL/RDBMS experience

  • Happy to develop and support all levels of the technology stack, including frontends, middleware, servers, and databases. This could potentially involve working with different languages


  • Expertise in building distributed systems with service-based or event-driven architectures, and concurrent processing.

  • Proficient working on both Linux and Windows platforms.

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