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Revolutionary app – Leading Technology firm- IOS/Android Engineers- Flexible working

London, UK

Job Type


About The Role

London’s most modern and forward-thinking technology firm is looking to rapidly expand its Core Engineering team, to match its incredible success in recent years. They are looking for IOS or Android developers to join an entirely greenfield programme of work. Their goal is to modernise their codebase, making their application more accessible to consumers and modularising the app into multiple components continuing huge expansion to new frontiers.

Being an opportunity to work on a 100% Swift application, utilising the latest and most cutting-edge versions of MVVM and Coroutines, as well as recent Apple releases such as IOS Widgets, this is a project in high demand. You will gain invaluable exposure to Amplitude, Firebase and Hilt, as well as having a close interaction with the data analytics and machine learning teams.

This combined with them leveraging the most modern versions of Kotlin, Java and React Native, whilst building everything out in AWS makes this firm one of the most forward-thinking and technically innovative firms in the city. This can be seen in the truly top-tier calibre of Engineers that they have acquired.

This firm prides itself on its no egos culture and is extremely tech-centric. They actively try to create a relaxed environment where all Engineers can have their voices heard and see the real-time results of their work. If you are keen to vastly expand your technical horizons and work in an enjoyable and positive Engineering culture, then this firm will be perfect for you.

Required Technology skills:

  • IOS or Android experience with React or Java

Desirable skills:

  • Good design and problem-solving skills.

  • No previous finance experience is required.

  • They are hiring a multitude of seniority, from Graduates to VP’s and are looking for tech-focused individuals.


  • Highly competitive salary

  • Lucrative bonus structure and total compensation package

  • Holidays, Healthcare, Pension

Work Policy:

  • Highly flexible working set up, in the office once every two weeks

For more information, please email 


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