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Software Engineer (C++)

London, UK

Job Type


About The Role

An incredibly highly funded FinTech start-up based out of London is looking for the top FIX Connectivity C++ Specialists to join their incredibly high calibre, collaborative team.

The firm itself specialise in building ultra-low latency, high-performance API services to FinTech clients with a focus on being the fastest and most reliable in the market. They’ve seen an immense influx of clients of late and hence are looking to bring on the top Exchange Connectivity specialists in the city.

The funding behind them is genuinely unrivalled and the technical landscape is a real dream, boasting an incredibly modern development environment and the ability to work fully remotely.


  • 2+ years C++ development experience in an enterprise environment.

  • Exposure to or an interest in FIX Connectivity is a benefit.

  • Strong Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering (or a related subject) background.

  • Able to work in a modern software engineering environment, using Agile and DevOps methodologies and tools including Scrum, git and CI/CD.


  • Market-leading compensation packages.

  • Strong appreciation for work-life balance with a massive emphasis on culture-driven values.

  • Ability to work fully remotely.

  • The opportunity to work for an incredibly exciting firm with a very high calibre group of individuals.

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